Late Child Collection Fee
The Centre close promptly at 6.00pm by which time all children must be collected or extra cost will be incurred $5.00 per minute to cover staff overtime costs. Please notify the Centre if you are running late.
If by 6.30pm staff have not been able to contact you as a person listed as an emergency contact, the Police will be called.

Fee Policy

Parents/Guardians who face monetary problems are urged to contact John to discuss, in confidence, their circumstances and a suitable fee repayment plan can be arranged.


Parents/Guardians should be aware that their bookings may be terminated should fee payments fall 21 days in arrears. No notice or prior indication of this intention to terminate need be given by the Centre.


Debt collection fees will be charged to the defaulters account. Generally, the following steps will be followed in relation to fee collection:

  1. Child Care Statements will be issued each Wednesday morning and accounts brought to a nil balance within 6 days of each account date. We have requested all families to pay their Child Care fees EACH WEEK by setting up an automatic Bank transfer.

  2. Once an account becomes overdue “more than 14 days” the family will be contacted by phone/email/text and the outstanding balance must be paid in within one working day.

  3. In the event of an account remaining outstanding, a final letter of demand will be issued.

  4. Should the account remain unpaid we will engage the services of Debt Collection Agency to recover any outstanding account balances and the costs associated with debt collection will also be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian.

  5. Withdrawing a child

  6. Two weeks notice in writing is required when withdrawing a child from the Centre. If no notice of withdrawal is received then two weeks fees are required in lieu of the notice.

  7. What happens if my scheduled day falls on a public holiday.


Bonds are not required as we rely on the honesty of families to fully pay accounts weekly.